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Protecting Homes, Cabins, & Historic Landmarks From Wildfires
With No Water or Power

Conveniently Shipping Across Canada

Fire Shields Protect From Radiant Heat
& Burning Ember Attacks

Studies show 80% of wildfire structure ignitions are the result of burning embers and radiant heat.

Fire Shields Reflect 96% of Radiant Heat and 92% Convective Heat.

Now you can use the same aluminized structure wrap as the fire professionals!


Fire Shields provide a fire resistant aluminum barrier that protects against flame, embers and heat.

We strongly recommend covering all exposed surfaces for best protection with the goal to cover anything combustible that can give the fire a foothold in your structure. Eaves are a major fire and heat trap so make sure you cover them.

Some customers will get a 1-2 fire shields each year and add to their ability to protect until they can cover the whole house if needed. Even if you start with covering the roof and facing walls you have greatly increased your home's chance to survive.


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Firezat is a superior fire-protection solution, designed to provide exceptional protection against the spread of flames and heat. Our fire wrap is made from special heat-resistant materials, making them highly effective in blocking heat and spreading flames.

The performance of our Firezat Wrap has been investigated experimentally in the laboratory and prescribed wildfires, and has been proven to be effective in preventing the spread of fire.

With Firezat, you can be sure that your property is well protected against the devastating effects of fire.

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